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Facial Familiarity

Another flash fiction piece for the same competition. 100 words maximum, and must be written to the theme of, "surreal."


A sea of unknown faces fly by. To work. From work. To or from somewhere else. Regardless, always unknown. But I am strangely willed to look into these bystanders more intently. I search the horizon of heads for something more.

A flash of olive skin, like mine. Gone.

A familiar pair of silver frames. Gone.

It couldn’t have been. The known face swings back into sight; the greying brown hair keeps me hooked, before it also departs. I see it, and it sees me.

And now I am certain: it is another of my own in this sea of faces.


I would love to know what you thought about this piece of writing. Let me know in the comments below; it would make my day!

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