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A Glitch at My Periphery

A flash fiction piece written to fit with the theme of, "surreal." The competition stipulated it be less than 100 words, which I feel is such a crazy small amount of writing... Regardless, I enjoyed penning these anyway.


I refused to blink. Refused to look away, nurturing the image of this adolescent dog at the edge of my eyesight. The dog at the stone pillar had glitched.



I willed my eyelids not to falter. Do not shut, whatever you do.

I moved adjacent to the dog and pillar and could see it as clear as day. A void of white poured out from behind them. Bleak. Endless. I was seeing the edge of my world, where the designers puppeteering my life had not yet calculated.

Not yet planned.

I knew that none of this was real.


I would love to know what you thought about this piece of writing. Let me know in the comments below; it would make my day!

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